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nicospam's Journal

THE STRONGEST of aggregators

across the airwaves
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The very best ridiculous, awesome, or weird-and-wonderful Nicovideo links.

This is a community intended for the sharing of videos and news to help showcase the best of Nicovideo with a considerably relaxed attitude towards posting; this is a spam community, and as such we encourage people to dunk down posts even if they consist of a single video. Posting and tagging is open to all members. Try to categorise videos appropriately, and if you can, provide a little framing for the video rather than just leaving a link; ultimately, however, how you post is up to you.

  1. Don't be too uptight; have a sense of humour.
    This is an important one.
  2. Have a little common sense.
    This is also an important one. We're all for dumb stuff and fun, just remember to put long posts at least partially behind a cut and avoid spamming through fifteen posts in a row where one would do. Be nice to your fellow comm dudes, and relax.
  3. This community is not for icon posts, LJRP ads, or similar fluff.
    If unsure, PM one of the mods below or hit us up on chat.
  4. Breaking the rules may get you trolled or have mean things said about your icons.
    And don't think it'll just be the mods, either.
  5. Please put NSFW videos behind a clearly-marked cut.
    And if they're mixed in with SFW videos behind a cut, mark it against the specific video link as well.
  6. Guideline: Large Vocaloid posts should go on singing_robots.
    We expect some overlap with our main comm, especially in the case of particularly stellar MMD videos or large-scale releases, but we'd prefer to keep lengthier linkdumps confined to the Vocaloid comm rather than having to mirror every post across two communities.
  7. Guideline: Please try to link to the original sources wherever possible.
    This isn't a strict rule, more a preference - while youtube is a-okay especially in the cases of subtitled or since-deleted videos, we'd much rather see view stats going to the original uploader. The sample code we tend to use for nicovideo linking is at the bottom of this post, if you want to steal it.
  8. Guideline: 'lol japan' is a bad post. 'yessss, japan' is a good post.
    We like laughing with people, not at them.

IRC Chat for the community at irc.lunarnet.org port 6667, channel #stupidsingingrobots. For a handy-dandy link to get onto IRC, just ask or check out this post. If you want to know how to get onto Nicovideo or download tracks for yourself, please see the links provided just below.

If in doubt about any of these rules, just PM one of us!

Registering for Nicovideo, saving tracks as mp3s and other helpful tools and resources.



singing_robots → Our main community, focused solely on Vocaloid-related news, information, and video links.



Nicovideo: Replace the bold as appropriate.
<a href="http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/smnumber"><img src="http://tn-skr2.smilevideo.jp/smile?i=number">

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