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(peony) the secret weapon

oftendistracted in nicospam


Skype icons and sounds take on the cancan.

合唱 『七色のニコニコ動画』 -Grand Edition-

Massive utattemita of Nicomedley Prismatic Colours.

【TASさんの休日】 TASさんがサッカーを楽しんだようです

A hysterically funny bug-exploiting game of International Superstar Soccer, I was crying with laughter from 4 minutes onwards.


Glorious mod of Super Smash Brawl to turn it into Cloud vs. Sephiroth. The Final Smash is not to be missed.


what the hell is that medley! PURE CHAOS @_@
Yeah, Prismatic Colours is pretty mad even before you get to the utattemita bouncing back and forth across it. As the name (vaguely) implies, it's a mash-up of the other nicomedleys, and it's pretty much this crazy mess at times.

It still doesn't even come close to being as good as Nicotales, imo, which is truly astounding.
Nicotales? (sorry, new to the whole nico thing; only started obsessing a week-ish ago)

I dont even understand what was going on in this medley lol ;__; it was just random garbling noiseeee
It doesn't help I mixed up which one it was, oops.

Anyhow! A crash-course. Nicomedleys sort of come in two flavours, I guess, there's the main three, then there's the underdogs. I'm just going to link my favorite versions for each, making sure they've got a video where you can tell where all the songs come from. The tags all have tons of utattemita.

Kumikyoku (tag) is the first, kind of plain and oldschool but whatever. It's solid, and easily the most well-known. The link is the basic midi version with an adorable timelapse drawing for each song.

Ryuuseigun or 'Meteor Shower' (tag) started to really swing the whole thing towards super-speed remixes. I've linked the kareoke version using the source videos!

Nanairo or 'Prismatic Colours / Colours of the Rainbow' (tag) started making major use of songs layered on top of other songs, especially in the finale. That's probably where you're tripping up, it's very confused at the end and without a decent video it's easy to get lost. The link I've given is a mix using the original songs, pitch-shifted to match the medley, which hopefully makes it a little easier to pick them out.

The underdogs:

CMY never really caught on as the others. Unusual song choices, I think?
Nicotales is my personal favorite because it enjoys playing around. There's a very slow section where all the calm songs are, a horror/goth section with blasting Blue Oni, jazz versions of some songs, and the last half just keeps building and building and building. It's nuts as hell and I love it. It's also the most up to date.
A Vocaloid recent medley while I'm at it.
There's also a medley which mixes the three major ones to ridiculously chaotic effect, but I can't find it - and that's what I thought the one above was. Turns out it's just a super-crazy nanairo.
oh cool O: thanks!