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Stars still conspire for us

dosetsu in nicospam


So there's this great Nico meme called "Nakasone Off," which is basically a form of offline get-together/flash mob type thing where the participants parade through an area in a choreographed fashion and the result is set to the song "Rodeo Machine" by Halfby (and sometimes another song of theirs, "Screw the Plan"). There've been a couple of MMD videos made of this, but cute as they are, they're as nothing before the live versions.

【ニコニコ動画】中曽根OFF in 秋葉原

The hoary old original, done in Akihabara. A bit imprecise, but notable for the sheer number of people the starting group drags in.

【ニコニコ動画】中曽根OFF in 大阪日本橋

Here, we see the meme's evolution, in an awesomely elaborate version done in Nipponbashi, Osaka. This one also incorporates "Screw the Plan" and is generally the best thing everrrrr. The "mizuiro" (the guy in blue who leads things) in this one is totally awesome.


I've been catching myself doing that crouch-walk ever since watching these, not gonna lie ♥
Offline gathering, Japan takes it into a new level.